000000011111 – What are you willing to do.
Jip Piet is a Duch artist. The work of Jip Piet demonstrates a critical view on the zeitgeist. The artist is known for his Schizophrenic commentary on power, greed and ignorance.

Jip Piet: “Not sure if our wealth will keep us safe, is the toaster still working? Is my interest still running? Is my iphone still charged? Did i took the right pill. Huh? Look there is another famous guy on the black carpet. Strangling himself with his loose shoelaces. Peculiar old man has a red jacket, black glasses, aint no sunshine here, man”.

1* I’m holding it. I know your holding it, keep it going now. The rainbow looks like a gray styled donkey. Jackrabbit hole. Wear a cap, shave your hair to the millimeter. Keep on fighting it’s going to be alright. There is no reason, beyond reasons, and we finally know it. Get your fire your going to get burned. Now we all poisoned by our food, and the dancing kept on glowing in the improvised imaginary landscape.

Got a really good water supply, it was good long time before more got sold convict of pornkolt kombucha, moviephone. Nice talking to you, seeing anything with another specialist for the wine milkshake.  Through the windows of the house for through the little photovoltaic’s. So we can scope some of the photos. We won’t come to the mouth, don’t cha Know. Have a home in southfield. Rakhshani Nuestros in the village of Roseville. Almost out of shoes to Dallas knickers. I will follow you to the mall. The thing of seeing the dumb special Kabanov. I hang out with Cindy major due diligence for rules, for the sofa. Take a slowing in scope to live on those sea’s. Over the last beautiful Lady Gaga performance and actually improves you to shoot tomorrow.

1* While it may seem that some of the sentence structures in this text read as grammatically incorrect, they are written for a purpose, as art and grammar do not necessarily share the same structure.


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