«Jinx is a thudding, piece of electronica, KUDO building a song in the space between thumping beats and eventually blowing the whole thing into a monster chorus.»
Nothing But Hope And Passion Magazine

Shortly after the release of IDA KUDO’s latest single, she’s back at it with a new music video produced by her self, illustrating her gloomy vision embedded with african tribe-inspired graphics.

This creature, more spirit than human, the Djinn is brought to life through dance, smoke, chalk paint and the pulsating beat of the track. In Jinx, the Djinn bewitches or ”jinxes” the woman, driving her mad and in her insanity, she kills the man she loves.

In IDA KUDO’s words, “The inspiration for Jinx came from a break up, I simply couldn’t get a hold of what happened, why and how. It seemed to me as if I had gone mad or my mind was ”possessed”, taking irrational and destructive decisions. The myth allows me to express ambivalence in an artistic way, free from right or wrong.”

«Mythical vibes and electronic goodness make for a potent combination that’ll have you dancing in your seat in no time.»Girls Are Awesome


IDA KUDO is a mecca of Asian girl power, African percussions blended with strong electronic beats. Her Danish-Japanese ethnicity is reflected in a Scandinavian, cool precision and experimental and catchy melodies with Eastern undertones.

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