Theo van Keulen | Marilena Vita

curated by Luca Rezzolla

Nov 29 | Dec 29
Breed Art Studios
OPENING Saturday November 24 5pm/9pm

INCONTROCANTO is based on two narrations characterized by a common research around the poetics of matter (organic and not).

The installation “Disappearance” (1991) by Theo Van Keulen interacts with the performance “My Flight” by Marilena Vita in a reflection on the reality around the limit of the human.
The OPENING is scheduled for Saturday 24 November 2018 from 5 to 9 pm, with the “My flight” Performance by Marilena Vita at 7 pm. INCONTROCANTO, curated by Luca Rezzolla, will be on display from November 29th to December 29th 2018.

Theo van Keulen, Nuenen (The Netherlands) says: ‘The work that I show in Breed Art Studios has a very loaded subject, it is about totalitarian regimes of oppression and occupation. It is about the sudden disappearance of people who have been arrested and imprisoned behind barbed wire. Usually for political and religious reasons. There are 32 small paintings on two panels, there is the story of the prisoner, of hunger, humiliation and torture, but despite all the misery they have a glimmer of hope at the sight of a bird and flower. The installation “Disappearance” shows what remains of the disappeared prisoners, suitcases, shoes and glasses.’

Marilena Vita, Siracusa (Italy):
‘My flight, a performance by Marilena Vita.
Human being can never reach a divine condition if he isn’t able to fly.
Icarus, despite his father’s warnings not to approach the sun, seeks his own flight. Even though it is brief, it carries all the push for life itself. “The greatest tragedy for anybody arrives when you never experience the light while burning ” says Oscar Wilde.
Flight is the experience of life itself, journey is perdition. We possess a body but we are not the body. The inhabited body which, likely an instrument, reflects our soul. That’s what allows us to be in relation with the other human beings.

Black silhouette, reflection of matter: that’s the sun’s burning heat which at the same time gives light. When I follow my vision’s image, I penetrate my true essence in all its depth. That’s thanks to those wings that I do not possess and which can never be devoured by fire.
I reflect myself in what I am, to leave a trace.
Between beauty and truth.

The body as an archetype that can not be misunderstood. It moves in a reality theater, it is part of life itself.
Real, unreal, fantastic and authentic.”


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