Ikshan Syahirul Alim, a.k.a Ican Harem, is a 23-year-old artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. While still studying full-time at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta, Ican is very active in his art, specializing in street art, digital and video art. He also has a side project with Ahmad Oka and Dito Vietnam called Cangkang Serigala, in which he works on collaborative art and performs Black Metal Karaoke. Ican is the back bone of this trio and uses the name to blog his own personal works and sometimes those of the two other members.

Locally, Ican Harem is often asked to take part in exhibitions and to design gig posters, band t-shirts and other merchandise. Nevertheless, his favourite activity is taking part in group street murals with other street artists, drawing comics which depict the ever changing dynamics visible in Indonesian youth culture, and making video art and digital installations. Unlike many other artists, Ican is in his element when working in groups with others (local or international artists). He likes taking the lead role in brainstorming sessions and organising collaborations so as to show a clear cross section of the youth culture that is of paramount importance to him.

Ican’s latest project is designing and depicting an ethnography of local Indonesian skate culture, ghosts and street wear, through pen drawings. While Indonesia is rapidly modernizing, there is still a strong connection with the mystical beliefs and heritage.


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