The “ Hush ” collection is a symbolic concept, a balance in a world of chaos. the abundance of craftsmanship, decorative and ornamental items are the key to expressing the opposition within the chaos of all the elements, which when put together produce a surprising result: silence and serenity.

“….Handmade pieces are made with love, care and thought.”

How did you get into fashion?
My mum is a seamstress so I grew up watching her making clothes. From an early age I started to make clothes and I was always busy drawing and painting. I guess designing came naturally to me.

How would you define your brand?
My label focuses on handwork and craftsmanship. The silhouettes of the garments are strong, dark and feminine. I aim for timeless designs and quality stands above all. Unique pieces are combined with ready-to-wear clothing.

Your work presents a variety of materials and craftmanships. What is in your opinion the importance of “handmade” in fashion?
It is very important. Handmade pieces are made with love, care and thought.

I think fashion is being replaced by clothes, it needs to change back. It seems like people think of clothing as garbage. They wear it a few times and then throw it out.

With my brand I want to bring back craftsmanship and timeless design and get rid of this garbage culture.

How do trends influence your designs?
I do not think about trends. I try to create more timeless pieces. But in the end I guess everybody gets influenced by trends unconsciously.

What’s on the horizon for your practice?
I want to continue my brand and always keep on creating handmade unique pieces.
And focus more on sales.

Interview: Charlanne Manuelle Songna




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