House of Byfield AW-2015

Recently awarded with the Rotterdam Fashion Awards 2014, Carmichael Byfiel presented his AW15 House of Byfield collection at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
We had the chance to meet the models and the make up artists backstage, and to assist to a flamboyant show that involved kids (JOW Junior), eccentric hair masterpieces (A La Karte Profashionals) and last but not least the collection.
We loved it, especially the male collection and the accessories – the glasses by Mr. Artist – Eye Wear Design “worked” amazingly well with the outfits.

Originally from New York Carmichael Byfield (36) has lived since 2008 in the Netherlands, where his passion for designing men’s clothes returned. At an early age Carmichael already got inspired by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Moschino who in 1994 produced flower-printed menswear what really gave him more inspiration to follow their footsteps. After taken part in designers training in Jamaica and New York, his designer’s hands started itching again when he came to the Netherlands. Here he started a short training again.

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