HOPARE A Franco-Portuguese street artist whose inspiring murals have become a trademark in the abandoned walls of Paris.




Alexandre Monteiro, also known as Hopare, is a widely recognized graffiti artist currently living in the city of Paris, France. He creates emotional urban paintings combining abstract and figurative images to create a splash of colors and forms.

His sprayed portraits and shapes are made of organic interlaced strokes which he delimits with black and fluid lines. Hopare creates an illusion of three-dimensionality thanks to his excellent use of shadows, light and space, and works with a vast hue and emotive expressions in order to achieve an ethereal look that captivates the spectator.

Movement, speed, modernity and emotion, are the main elements that influence Hopare’s street art murals. His dynamic artworks immerse the viewer in a contrasting world of colorful walls and grey streets.

Hopare sometimes uses his talent to create graffiti of famous people like the Mona Lisa, Nelson Mandela and Salvador Dali. His work can be found in different cities around the world like Paris, Montreal, Hong Kong and Venice.

Words: Dalia Vasquez.

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