TORAKIKI is an Italian “Indietronica” band. We had the chance to meet them and talk about their upcoming album “Avesom”.

Hi Torakiki tell us a bit more about you. How Torakiki came together?
Well.., Torakiki are three friends. We live in Bologna, we love listening to beautiful music and we really do love playing our music.
We met in 2007. We were playing in those kind of math rock /post-punk bands with cool and undefinable names. Now we do “indietronica” so, as you can see the attitude is pretty much the same .

What does Torakiki mean?
It means “Good Tiger” and is related to the many afternoons we have spent in our childhood watching Japanese cartoons. Torakiki was one of them.


Avesom is the name of your new LP. Can you tell us three adjectives to describe it?
With Avesom we want to show our music possibilities to a bigger international audience but also, how the new Italian music can be part of the international music scene. Three adjectives to describe it? Well…elusive, old fashioned, frantic

Who is the artist, director or writer who most has influenced you artistically?
Aphex Twin . Is the only name that unite and lead us in a direction that we feel like ours

What does it mean for you to make music? What other kind of media would you like to combine with your music?
Making music for us means being able to express ourself in a way that goes beyond the traditional communication.

Definitely, we want to start combining video and music during our performances and trying to propose a show that can offer a multitude of nuances in terms of enjoyment.

How would you describe your creative territory?
We don’t have a creative territory. We don’t like borders. Everything is free and comes spontaneously, without any restriction.

Would you like to take your music outside Italy?
Sure! Absolutely. We recently signed up for Symbiotic Cube, a label in Cologne.
We really would like to play outside Italy, learn things from other places, meet new people.

Upcoming projects?
We are planning a tour after the release of Avesom, February 26th.
We can’t wait!



Interview by: Francesca Versace

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