MOAM is an initiative of curator and event creative Martijn Nekoui. For this exhibition he selected three worldwide famous Dutch photographers Anton Corbijn, Erwin Olaf and the photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin as iconic image. Fifteen talented Dutch fashion photographers were linked to a fashion designer and responded to this iconic image with new work: five pairs react Corbijn, five Olaf and five Van Lamsweerde & Matador.


I run into you several times these past months in Amsterdam, either you were organizing an event or attending it as a guest, you must have a very busy schedule… can you describe your typical day 


It’s a lot of calling, mailing, meeting and creating. But that’s exactly what keeps me busy and happy. Every day is different, I meet with different people, I come at different places and come up with new ideas. I would die at an office, working 9 to 5. Being my own boss gives my a lot of freedom, but a lot of obligations as well.


Your project Moam has received positive reviews everywhere and has been covered by international magazines, can you tell us how did you come up  with the idea?

I have a big love and interest for the past, the Dutch history and it’s hidden treasures. Everytime I found new Dutch brands, magazines or designers that were really big and happening a few decades ago and now forgotten by 99% of the people. In MOAM, I wanted to combine those hidden treasures with today’s biggest talents, as that’s something really interesting and unique to me.


Are you working in a new project at the moment?

Now I’m working on a new project for EYE, the Dutch filmmuseum. It’s an exhibition with collaboration of Dutch photographers and actors, who work in duo’s and give in image an interpretation on scenes of a Dutch movie. So once again I work with the big names and new talents in photography, but this time I let them collaborate with Dutch film- and theater actors.

Amsterdam art scenario has changed a lot in the past few years, and the city hall/government cut funds for art. What is your opinion about this subject?

You see in all forms of art that people are losing there faith and the trust in art and also in fashion. But I believe that even in these times it can make art stronger and make people more inventive with new projects and new concepts. With MOAM I have a big audience and a lot of followers, but there is always a really small budget. I think with enthusiasm, a strong will and the right people you can reach more than with big money.


I saw you attending different catwalks at the  Amsterdam Fashion Week, can you tell us what was your favorite show/designer?

Of course I have to say Winde Rienstra, she’s unique and something different, always exploring herself and always trying to find new ways in design. But next to that I have to say that the show of Claes Iversen was really good as well, he’s really one of the best designers in The Netherlands. The biggest surprise was without a doubt GSUS, the new head designer Hyun Yeu did a really good job on the men collection.


Can you tell our readers where they can find more info about your work and upcoming projects?

You can always find the latest news and updates at MOAM Amsterdam Facebook, so stay tuned!

Martijn Nekoui

Interview: Monyart

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