Marga Weimans is one of the most talented Dutch fashion designer. We met Marga Weimans after the show at The Amsterdam Fashion Week, for a quick interview.

When did you realize you wanted to do fashion? Is there an old memory, a moment you remember you thought about it and you decided to go that way?

From a young age on, I realized I wanted to do fashion. I remembered dreaming of a big company with several lines. The idea of starting a small and gradually growing company always intrigued me. With my creative company I can mix architecture and art with fashion. I first started with management studies and then switched to fashion.I had a moment of blocking out fashion when I was studying management. But I am happy the fashion kept ‘calling’ me.

The moment I really got ‘called’, I was 26. All my experiences came together and I tought, ok I really need to study fashion, make a career out of it and go down that route. When you hear about it right now, it all sounds like a plan, but I didn’t had a plan. Through intuition and play, I did what I found urgent and interesting. And it worked. In the end it all added up to ‘fashion designer’.


In your work you use different kinds of material and inspirations, architecture and design for instance. How did you start incorporating them in your work?

I use different kinds of materials and as an inspiration she looks for example at architecture and design. I incorporated these elements in my work through experimenting.


What kind of material would you like to include in your work you didn’t use yet? Or which new material would you like to create for your fashion work?

Sometimes one material followes logically from a concept and story. But do I still whishes to use other materials I hasn’t used before! Time will tell. I don’t know yet but the element of virtuality versus reality will remain a consisting factor.

What or who are your main artistic inspirations? Could you name some?

But my main inspirations are not architecture and design. My main inspirations are my own life experiences, the society and dreams. And there are some contemporary and historic creators I really admire.


Marga Weimans


If your fashion work was a song/music, what would it be?

If the fashion work of Marga was music, it would be cinematic music.


If you couldn’t be a fashion designer, what would you be?

What if I didn’t had the fashion call? I would probably be an artist or an architect.


What is it like to be part of the Fashion Week? How would you describe it?

How did I experience fashion week? Fashion week for me means showing of my work as a multi media experience. I find the intensity and contact with the public amazing, everything comes together. I also likesworking with a team, and the team making the show. From the people of Amsterdam Fashion week to het own team, the make-up and hair people, the music and film. Everybody is focussed and passionate.


What do you wish to pass on to people with your creations? Is there a message you would like to share about your work?

With my creations I wishes to pass borders of creativity, statements and making people think and feel. The message I want to share about my work is the pleasure of complexity.


Marga Weimans


Interview: Agnese Roda

Photo: Attilio Brancaccio

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