La Shark: Badly executed mainstream pop, Egotistical Synth/guitar based modern music.


How did La Shark happen? What does La Shark mean?

We found eachother with metal detectors…. ‘’LA SHARK’ is a mock  Fashion label/Corporate Brand.


Having just seen your video I know what you did last summer, I found it shit scary and somewhat freaky. Was this your intention? Do scary films in some way relate to your music – or are you just taking the piss?

We are inspired by Shocking forms of art , and we ofton try to create imigary and music that is instant and alarming, we are planning on doing a childrens video with pixar soon though involving a CGI Pegasus flying over the Amazonian rainforest.


How would you describe the music you do?

Badly executed mainstream pop, Egotistical Synth/guitar based modern music.




To my ears, La Shark’s music echoes the sounds of the 80s, especially those of bands like The Specials. A sort Johnny Rotten-attitude is also strongly present. Would you admit these artists having had an influence on you, or where do you absorb your biggest inspirations from?

We are all strongly influenced by many different Icons and personalities , and the idea of ‘celebrity’ and fame in general. PIL had a direct influence on us when we designed our Logo and both terry hall and John Lydon i  regard as Incredible front men, (‘Tunnel of Love’ ) by Fun boy Three is one of my favorite songs at the moment, however i would stress that music from other decades has just as strong an influence on us , me and Lewis are obsessed with the production and sound of early 90s – Aaliyah/TLC Era mainstream RnB at the moment- and Nick is more into the Beach-boys then any other band.


You’ve already gained a reputation as quite an eclectic and unpredictable live act. Is there anything specific you’re aiming to communicate to the audience? If there’s one thing you’d want them to feel or think about when leaving a gig, what would it be?

We are basically just trying to get as close to a Public orgy as legally possible in the form of  Music and well executed dance manouvers, i hope everyone comes away from our shows a little less serious and stuck up, if you can’t laugh at yourself you are doomed.


Being as active a band as you are, you must spend a lot of time together. How do the dynamics work between you guys? Is it a democracy or a dictatorship?

Its a Democracy, but i do make them suck me off sometimes.


Have you any plans to swing by The Netherlands anytime soon?

Yes. As soon as humanly possible.


Interview : Anna Kelhu

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