You first started singing in public in small Stockholm blues venues. What were your first musical influences back then?

My parents were cool with me during my teenage years and at a very early age I could stay out rather late. I would spend most of my nights at my friend Stevie Klasson’s place, he would cook me some nice pasta and play me the most amazing tunes, music that would change my life forever. Irma Thomas, The Staple Singers, Candy Staton, Emmylou Harris & The Band were probably my major influences when I was 15 years old.

What led you to the decision to become a singer take up music professionally?
It’s never really been a decision of mine, it’s always been obvious that this is the only thing that I want to do. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, at the age of 6 I would already annoy my parents guests by improvising silly performances singing the opera in the middle of a dinner party.
Singing and making music is as vital for me as breathing, eating, drinking or sleeping, sometimes I actually ask myself if i think life would be worth living if there weren’t music, I know it sounds dramatic but the thought does pop up every now and then.

You have also lived in London and currently you’re based in Paris. Has living in such cosmopolitan centers affected you as an artist and, if so, in what ways?
I was born in Denmark where I lived until the age of 5, then my family and I lived in Sweden for a while but we also managed to fit in 3 years living in the french countryside before finally settling down in Stockholm in my early teens. Since I got used to moving around, never knowing where I’ll end up I’ve always felt like a sort of vagabond, I’m always ready to leave. I’ve never felt like there is a place to call home, that strange feeling of belonging nowhere has really grown into a certain source of inspiration throughout the years. When you belong to nothing you can somehow observe things differently.
I love to sit in a café and just observe people passing by, feel the cosmopolitan flow without being a true part of it. I’m more of a countryside girl, in the city I take in a lot of impressions and inspiration but then it’s essential that I withdraw at some point to the countryside or to the mountains.

Your new album Moon Beam Cream contains elements from several different -some might even say conflicting- styles. How would you describe your music?
Hum… it’s pretty hard to describe your own music. I often say, it just popped out like that somehow, don’t really know what happened or what to call it. I guess there are a lot of different influences there simply because I listen to a lot of different music styles. I am in no way a purist type of person and I never try to intellectualize music in any way. I record idea’s that feel right in the moment.
This album was mainly written and recorded at night, in order to relax and try to get the music out of my head before going to bed I would watch these strange programs about the cosmic journeys through the universe that they show around 5 am on the Discovery chanel and this gave me the inspiration to call my sound Cosmic Pop. Don’t really know what it means but it sounds nice.

How do you typically go around writing a new song? Is there some recurring pattern or is every song is a completely new experience and approach?

I like to sing and find melodies in the shower or when I ride my bike or walk home from a meeting, most idea’s start by getting recorded on my shitty stonehenge mobile phone memo recorder, then I end up working on the text in a café or at home in my studio.

If your record collection was set on fire and you could only save one album, what would that be?
Good question, hum…, might sound strange but I think I would save my Grace Jones Island Life vinyl because I am totally in love with the cover and the tracks on it always put me in a good mood.

Album Streaming: https://soundcloud.com/izzy-lindqwister/sets/moon-beam-cream/s-S5v11

Interview by: Mimis Chrysomallis

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