HOOP DOOP contacted the Swedish up-and-coming artist Elliphant with a few questions about her music and how she became her. Here’s what she wrote…

Ellinor Olovsdotter became Elliphant during a summer spent in the UK. What trickered the metamorphosis?

Am born bored n restless. No end no beginning to this Elliphant mission really.

Your songs are infusions of many different elements. What would you say your music is made out of?

Am very critical to the mordan ways of handling problems. The whole medical treatment of a broken sperit. The capitalmadness, this bubble life built upon saphty in al different things but from what we really need protection n nollige. It is not ok to be tired or sad in this world. We have no time for evolution. This doin Elliphant is doin a Big Up for al wounded dogs out there. Dusty angels… gods favourite angels.

What do you listen to – for inspiration or just for pleasure?

Billie Holiday.




Do you feel the English language allows a different expressive freedom than your native Swedish?

In a way yes… but am doin ma own language n ma own spelling. That is to a statement of perfection in imperfection. King is a choise!! U gada fool life foh life fool u.

What do you most look forward to in the nearest future?

I don’t know…. I know it’s the random that really bliss u. N expectations ruins that.

Any plans to do a gig in Amsterdam..?

I have big love for Amsterdam n the people over there… They know a good time for sure… so soon I guess.



Interview: Anna Kelhu

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