I’m loooopin your track Sundial in the past few days and sounds pretty cool to me!!

Thank you, we’re glad you like the track :)


First things first, why cheaters? It’s because you’re cheating on your former bands? see Bombay show pig etc.

Yes that’s kind of right. We came up with the name because this band started as a side project for everyone and felt as if we were all cheating on our main focus, our first love. Now CHEATERS has evolved into more than just a small affair, but we still all have other bands and projects on the go.

I see that Lenka and Mathias have already worked together with Kill ‘em Mister. how did you come up with the idea of the new band, and how do the new members fit in?

Kill ‘em Mister was a lot of fun and we really loved working with Richard and Joost (Kill ‘em mister). Around that time Lenka went travelling through Siberia for half a year, and the other guys all had new job/school opportunities coming up too. So Kill ‘em mister slowly tuned down a bit, in a natural way. After a while Mathias and Lenka decided to write some new songs and thought it would be really cool to work with Tobias and Raul. Not just because they’re good friends, but also because they’re inspiring musicians with good taste and influences. They give the music of CHEATERS and live show that extra bit of edginess it needs.

Who is writing the lyrics and who is taking care of the music?

Lenka writes all of the lyrics and vocal lines, and Mathias is in charge of the music. Though we help each other out as well, so in some songs it’s not so clear cut.

Main source of inspiration? 

That’s a difficult question, as we are inspired by so many different bands. At the moment we could say we’re inspired a lot by Grimes, Empress of, Child of Lov, Roisin Murphy, Palbomen, Caribou. But also some of the 80’s/90’s hits that will never grow old.

Tonight your first EP Neon Dreams and MRRK’s work will be presented to the public, can you give us a sneaky peak (or tell us something about it)?

Yeah, so basically for our first EP release show we wanted to deliver something a bit more than us just playing our songs. We wanted to combine our performance with art and visuals that would both encapture the vibe of our music and also reinforce it. We all really love MRRK’s work, so we asked him if he would like to design the artwork for the EP, help make the new music video but also exhibit his work at our release. He was really excited too, so that’s when it all started. This Thursday you can expect a fun night in which our music and MRRK’s graphic art, inspired by the music of Neon Dreams, come together. The DOKA will be dressed up with Mark’s designs and we will be taking the stage.

You are based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) what do you think about the music scene here?

Haha hmm what to say. The Dutch music scene is very small, obviously also because the Netherlands is a small country. And compared to for instance the U.K the diversity is limited. If you really want to reach out with music (that isn’t extremely main stream) you will have to jump the boarders and tour in other countries. But that may sound more negative than we mean it: there is a lot of good stuff coming from here as well. There are lots of inspiring bands, dj’s, song writers and producers around that are taking things to a next level and working hard within the platform that is available. Also there are lots of initiatives of groups of creative people (Kytopia, radio mortale, daily indie etc.) working together to make the platform bigger, and trying to make more things possible in the Dutch music scene even though there is never enough money or space. For a band in Holland, like in all other countries you have to work hard to make things happen.

Are you planning to go on tour and participate in festivals this summer? Where can our readers find more (places, dates etc.)?

Yes we will definitely be participating in festivals this summer. We have Tweetakt (Utrecht), Bevrijdingsfestival (Amsterdam), Zwartecross (Lichtevoorde) and Manana Manana (Hummelo) coming up. And more gigs will be coming up soon.
Readers can find more info on our website www.cheatersmusic.com or on facebook:facebook.com/cheatersband.

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