BassCulture is an independent organisation located in the heart of Amsterdam that organises events, programs, radio shows, books artists and produces its own miscellaneous music.

Your mission is to create crossovers between music, cultures and art, when and why 
did you start the BassCulture project?

I started to play records on Bassculture local radio in 2003 and played at Bassculture was only roots & reggae then. In 2007 we decided to bring Bassculture to the Overtoom 301 (OT301) in Amsterdam with a more diverse and refreshing music programming with the Bass as signature. Besides Roots & reggae we brought more D&B, jungle and live acts combinations that were different but heavy and good with live painting at the spot.
At ADE 2008 we had a pretty good line up that people still talk about in the city. Enclosed i have a youtube link of this for info;

Where do you look for new bands/musicians to collaborate with?

I look for collaborations wherever I meet people. This is at record stores, venues and at home. I also surf for sounds and visuals in all corners of the net, there is so much to discover and i am pretty curious by nature.
Everyone at Bassculture, volunteers, artists and management students brought in some sort of creativity or program suggestion. It makes you stay open and creates the possibility for them to think ‘out of the box’.

Do you have a favourite musical project that you’ve worked on?

I met Stefan Miletic (Filtercutter) in 2008 and a year later we decided to make some tracks. This will now be released at Sozialistischer-plattenbau label coming 18/19 october. A review and text introduction is on this Soundcloud link by the label in Hamburg (

In 2009 I started working more with live impulses on my set such as violin, percussions, Korg & bassguitar. The idea was to select rythms that both artists like and worked out pretty well in a live set. This brought us to play at Fusion Festival, Lion Dub Festival Berlin, Concertgebouw Amsterdam at AAA programming and many other gigs.

Working together with different graphic designers and live painters gave a lot of good visuals in pictures, flyers, posters, sleeve design and art. At this moment we are working with Iva Spasejovic. I am proud she did the sleeve design for the 12″ vinyl only release and the visuals for our Bassculture rond Volle Maan programming. Enclosed I have the flyer.

Recently you started playing and producing with Daniele Labbate, an italian musician who’s currently the bass player of Kane, as well as Ben Saunders, Shaking Godspeed and other bands. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

We’ve known each other for three years now and decided to work together. We recently finished building our own studio. We are now working on different projects and really got in a good creative flow, making compositions for movies, creating digital tracks and fix gigs and recordings for the Bassculture Family Band.
We arranged a programming at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) on the 18th of October at Odeon Amsterdam. The Mad Professor is gonna play live and dub the Bassculture Family Band for one full hour. This is a unique combination where young talented professionals have the opportunity to play with such a living legend.
This is one of the strong examples of what is the mission of Bassculture Foundation Amsterdam.

What music genres or other elements are influencing Amsterdam right now?

I believe there is a lot of variety of good programming in Amsterdam. I think we’re going to more creative times in Amsterdam for new programmers arrived on the scene. Besides the big venues who bring great artists for a lot of money, you have also the smaller places with more freedom and creativity.
Still there are places like that for example; OCCII, OT301, Dokhuis Gallerie, Nieuwe Anita.. to name a few.. where you can enjoy the ‘refreshing side’ of Amsterdam.

What are you working on right now? Any future projects?

I like the collaboration with Daniele Labbate a lot and see many good things coming out of it. We will come out with our work in the coming year and fix a nice ‘meltdown’ that will bring another level of Bass & Culture for Holland as well as abroad.
I love working with the Dub Creator. He is the Master & mixer (sound designer) of King Shiloh and mastered our 12″ release at the Sozialistischer plattenbau label in Hamburg. I gave him a project to remix one of these tracks and came with a vocal of the famous jamaican vocal Earl 16 to add to this version. The track is called ‘Digital Age’ and It will be our 2nd release soon!



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