The Attic Monkees are an eclectic Amsterdam based rock band

Tell us a bit about you..

There once was a monkee who loved to play drums, but he soon grew lonely and went to hide in an Amsterdam attic. When news of this lowly monkee emerged, a guitar playing priest, kicked out of the church for acts of misunderstood love, went to find this monkee, a monkee he knew shared his thirst for making noise. Upon finding the monkee, the priest was distraught to see he no longer cared for his drums. In attempt to breathe new life in the monkee, the priest decided for them to learn one another’s instruments and it was then that the AtticMonkees were born. It didn’t take long until the attic smelled like shit, enter the flower. The flower came just when the priest and monkee seemed ready to go back to their old ways and brought a garden of poetry to the mix and today, every once in a while, they show up somewhere and completely fuck the place up.

How would you describe your style?

Flower: a bit this and almost none of that with a splash of smacking someone.
Monkee: Atticpical, Eclattic, Hip Hattic…
Priest: Better than Rage Against The Machine.


myscha-oreo-Attic Monkees


What’s your favorite artist/song/photographer?

Monkee: at the moment listening a lot BombayShowPig, every kind of stuff that give me the vibe! Duane Michals for the photographer.
Flower: nature, roses by Mos Def, and Georgia o’keefe
Priest: Escher, Chelsea Hotel No 2, I don’t like photography

Apart from music what else do you guys like to do?

Flower: grow
Monkee: eating bananas
Priest: Evangelizing

How do you envision yourself in a few years from now?

Priest: ???
Monkee: Get out the zoo I am working for, get proper freedom
Flower: chilling in a pot, in a really nice​ ​windo ​w​ of a small villa in Mongolia




What are you working on at the moment? Any future plans?

Priest: No future plans.
Flower: Future plants? ​!​ Let’s just keep my family out of this.
Monkey: Composing for other artists!

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Photo: Myscha Oréo

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