Richard Alexander Heckert was born and raised in the beautiful Segeroth of Essen (Ruhr / Germany) he is an artist with a endless love for details.

Heckert says: “A life for the art, to me the only possible way. It takes effort to reconcile the art of survival with the art of good living. So I run alongside my legitimate work as an artist, a looping bowling alley in Lapland.”

He devotes his attention to all prototypes, which are not suitable for mass production and will be sorted out. They are the best people in a world of conformity. Do not look for truth in beauty, because beauty is no longer innocent … We turn briefly a TV commercial! Maximum fun at reasonable prices … and now it’s back! Our brain runs roller coaster and we kill our final dreams. The 21th Century is a century without secrets, yet with no future … similar to a boxing fight between a ferocious beast, and God in us. It will never end … round 12!


“I have a natural dislike against the ordinary things of life. Although almost everything in life arises from conflict,living for the arts is the only possible way of living to me. Every time you draw a line, you have to know,that you play at high risks. It’s nothing less then the wellness of your soul, that’s at stake.Long live the color, long live the form. Long Live the Art!”






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