Currently based in New Orleans and Paris, Heather Hansen is a performance artist with a strong passion for discovering new worlds, artists and techniques. Her constant eagerness to create something different and aesthetic has taken her body to become her own tool for illustration.

In her work, Heather Hansen combines her dancing education with her desire to express her feelings and thoughts through the art of drawing. For her, the blending of these two elements is the only way to avoid the inflexibility and isolation that can disturb the creative process of an artist.

In her latest exhibition “Emptied Gestures”, she immerses herself in a huge canvas, realising her energy by moving her limbs and entire body in a rhythmic manner on the white surface. Heather Hansen starts her artworks by carefully tracing the drawing with charcoals or pastels. After, she steps into the painting spreading the colour and transforming the lines into heavy and striking patterns of forms. Her movements are always graceful, repetitive and symmetrical.

The idea of generating dynamic artworks with her own body came to her mind one day at the beach while practicing ballet exercises. She discovered the shapes she had left on the sand and thought about reproducing them on a canvas. While performing and painting, Heather’s mind wanders allowing her to concentrate on her breathing and on her opportunity to improvise.


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Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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