Fuzz Club recently announced they’d signed the brilliant post-punk/psych duo Has A Shadow for the release of a new LP in 2017. ‘Sorrow Tomorrow’

“Somewhere between Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Suicide, Has A Shadow sound is sharp, dark and sometimes glacial, but ready to stimulate the endorphins of every post-punk/gothic addict.” Music & Riots Magazine

Mexico’s Has A Shadow recently signed to London imprint Fuzz Club Records and are now delighted to announce their latest album Sorrow Tomorrow. The LP will be released January 18th but in the meantime you can now wallow in the adrenaline fuelled post-punk of the second single ‘Vampire Kiss’. Their latest cut sees the band drift from the lo-fi psych-rock of previous releases and embrace a hauntingly immersive gothic slant.

Has A Shadow

The foreboding, atonal vocals of Daniel Garciano meander through the driving, fuzz-fuelled instrumentation of his counterparts. Rolling from start to finish through a wash of dark reverberation, the track is propelled by throbbing bass-lines, menacing gothic organs, squalls of chiming, scuzzy guitars and repetitive percussion. Making for a truly remarkable piece of dark post-punk/psych that on one hand is an ode to the pioneers of the genre, but on the other is wrapped in an unholy sound that is solely their own.

“Dark and ritualist modern day psych gaze that heaves and undulates through swathes of unabashed reverberation and driving instrumentation tinged with menacing gothic tones” Primal Music

The new album follows a run of EU dates that included an appearance at Liverpool Psych Fest and shows with LSD & The Search for God, TAU and The Jabberwocky Band.


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