Fuzz Club announce The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4
– a compilation of the best in European psych

London label Fuzz Club – described by Vinyl Me, Please as “arguably the most important label in neo-psychedelia” – are set to release the fourth volume of their expansive and highly praised compilation series The Reverb Conspiracy on November 17th. Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 4 is a collection of 12 tracks from some of the best in Europe’s unfathomably fruitful psych scene – offering a plethora of psychedelic gems of the rock and roll, kraut, shoegaze, folk and garage-rock variety, and just about everything in-between.

Clash called Fuzz Club “exquisite purveyors of all things noise” and this new collection of tracks proves that the label, and the Reverb Conspiracy compilations themselves, are a crucial catalyst in the European psych movement – bringing together some of the best names from each and every crevice of the psychedelic spectrum, truly capturing the essence of such a boundless and creative scene and magnificently capturing the DIY drive that thrusts it.
To put it into the words of its curator, Casper Dee: “I like to look it as a modern Nuggets series… a way of capturing the essence of the underground scene as it is today and documenting it for the history books. There’s so much amazing music coming out now and a huge energy within the scene; we feel like this is an era of Rock & Roll that we’ll all look back on as the start of something big”.

The highlights of the record include the dark, discordant ‘krautgaze’ of My Invisible Friend, the mammoth 15 minute spaced-out jam from Giobia, the ominous and mind-altering Ulrika Spacek and the kaleidoscopic splendour of Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation. Volume 4 also boasts immersive cuts from the likes of The Madcaps, Soft Walls, Pretty Lightning, The Oscillation and Fuzz Club’s own otherworldly psych juggernauts TAU, 10000 Russos, The Orange Revival and Throw Down Bones – each and every track is a piece of experimental sonic mastery in its own unique and distinct right.

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