Dutch photography duo FotoFloor also presents the sensual and classic black and white portrait ‘La Garçonne’ of Georgina Verbaan and photograph ‘Ball’ with the international supermodels Sonja Wanda and Dioni Tabbers. Both photographs have been made for magazine La Vie en Rose.

The new online gallery MAG presents the first collection of editorial photographs, exhibited in the 5&33 Gallery in art’otel Amsterdam. The launch exhibition ‘The Art of Magazine Photography’ runs until 5 October 2014. FotoFloor has sold the first photograph. The portrait ‘Rehab 1′ of actress Georgina Verbaan was made for magazine La Vie en Rose in 2008.

MAG (www.magphoto.nl) showcases outstanding editorial work by five renowned photographers: Paul Bellaart, Eric van den Elsen, FotoFloor, Marc de Groot and Carli Hermès. They have been featured in style and fashion magazines as Esquire, Glamour, Grazia, JAN, LINDA. and Vogue. MAG offers these editorial photographs in limited editions.

Floor Stoop and Mike van der Giessen are an inseparable pair of art and fashion photographers, working for leading magazines, international brands and record labels. FotoFloor is known for her celebrity portraits.


La Garconne Ball Rehab 1

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