Soon mono mono will be out with an EP, but right now the focus will be on the second single from the EP, Feel. Danish duo mono mono returns with a new single and music video, Feel. Once more, they pursue their quest of illustrating complex human emotions through sound and image.
«How does it feel when you’re alone?» - mono mono


The stark contrast in between the passiveness of band members Jakob and Karoline, and expressive dancers alludes to the paradox of loneliness in our increasingly connected society. The peculiar marriage of water and plastic as another metaphor for the artificial slowly taking over our lives. Both ubiquitous substances, both cocoons. Our new synthetic one, for our increasingly fake human interactions, and everything we, buy, use and discard. And water, our original cocoon in the womb.

About: The duo mono mono consists of Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck. Her voice can be compared with Björk and when she plays her saxophone with Jakob’s well-produced beats a unique soundscape is created. mono mono seduces their audience when they perform live and send them to a dreamy universe by presenting them to a unique soundscape, which is decorated with a mixture of electronic sounds, calming vocals and hypnotic saxophones.

R E L E A S E D AT E 17th NOVEMBER 2017

Back To Future Sounds

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