In contrast to the femme fatales and model-esque classical beauties found in many paintings, Faring Purth’s female characters appear decaying and decrepit at a first glance. Splotches of color coalesce to form figures caught in the cycle of life somewhere between death and rebirth.
The protagonists of the paintings appear to be in a state of transformation; they reference the generative powers of femininity rather than painting the woman as a beauty icon.

Faring Purth was born on the banks of the California shore line. Her mother claims to have wanted to give birth to her in the mountains where they once lived but the complications of the terrain and the storm the coast was experiencing during this time apparently made that very dangerous. She often wishes that were not the case and finds it easy to imagine coming into the world just a bit closer to the sky. She traveled a great deal as a child but considers herself a native of California, much like the live oak. With that said, Paris helped her become a starry eyed child, Florence a drastic student od human nature. It was her latest trip cross country however ( her eighteenth, in fact) that helped her understand the woman she has become & to truly appreciate Oakland as home. She now resides with her four year old daughter, Georgia, on the banks of the Northern California shore line. She suspects you are gorgeous and would be glad to know you.









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