Contemporary Garments That Dress Characters Of Yesterday. A Chilean artist internationally known for his versatile cartoon-like illustrations placed in contemporary context.

Fabian Ciraolo is an illustrator currently living in Santiago de Chile, that has come to public attention thanks to his playful drawings that frequently remind us of our childhood. As a kid, he was used to draw everything he saw, especially animated cartoons, which he knew by memory. He sold his first portrait when he was 10 years old.

Fabian Ciraolo studied design and specialized in illustration. He chooses his characters from antique fashion magazines and old photographs that he has found throughout the years, and then changes their original context. Characters like Frida Kahlo, El Che Guevara, Dalai Lama, the cartoons of ThunderCats, and many more, come to life in his graphic universes filled with flower patterns, symbols, and fantastical elements.


Fabian focuses in the clothing of his characters. He changes their personality and their posture by modifying their clothes, which he turns into avant-garde fashion garments. He sees them, and then visualizes them in our contemporary circumstances.

Ciraolo is very meticulous and persistent with his work; once the character is chosen and the concept is in his mind, he creates a simple sketch; later on, he improves it using paper, pencils, acrylics, oils, gouache, and other artistic techniques. Finally, he uses digital tools to create original collages, and to add color and texture.

During his artistic career, we can notice a remarkable evolution in the style of his artworks. In the beginning, he was very academic; however, little by little he learned to experiment and to take risks, until he finally overcame the fear of ruining his designs and learned that starting all over again was a natural and essential part of the process. What he loves the most about his profession is the freedom of creating whatever he likes and the wide amount of possibilities he has to do so.

Among his favorite artists are Gary Baseman, French illustrator Benjamin Lacombe and artist Sam Green.



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Words:  Dalia Vasquez

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