Eric Morales (Dr. Morbito) is a Mexican graphic designer inspired by popular art, esotericism, religion and Mexican yellow press. Graduated from the University of Mexico (UNAM), he was never the best of his class, however, today Eric is one of most sought-after creative minds.

“There are two kinds of designers: the one that delivers exactly what the client requests, and the one that surprises”, Morbito says. Owner of an amazing portfolio, including advertising for international brands, web design, personal artworks and a recently opened own store.

Eric Morales miscellaneous art has different pieces that are inspirited by the Mexican pop culture, the more famous are: “Dos de Tres” (Two of Three), this work consists of two ceramic figures sitting with its hearts connected by a blood vessel, this is a reproduction of the painting “Las Dos Fridas” (Two Fridas, Frida Kahlo, 1939). In Barbirgenes” he dresses dolls with religious costumes, displaying them in a little altar with light.

He also created the toy named “Xagu”, a cute handmade yellow toy in two versions, one with sequins in his face made by Mexican natives and another made of red fabric for Nike.

In 2006 Eric Morales met the visual artist Anabel Vanoni, (Argentina) they started collaborating in different projects and created the brand and store named Tixinda”. “If I work for other brands, why not to work for my own” mentioned the artist.

In “Tixinda” you can find t-shirts, bags, totes and different articles with the singular design of Morbito and Vanoni, every article is unique and original. The images featured are the result of an anthropologic investigation of the Mexican roots: every character and icons used have a conceptual meaning and are related to Mexico’s history.

“Advertising gives me (resources) to live and my art keeps me alive… my philosophy is to do what I like, my aim is to look for all those things that make me happy”.

Words:  Liz Dmz


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