Born in 1988 in Madrid Elia Fernandez is a Spanish illustrator and painter.

In 2007 I started to study styles in fashion school in Madrid. My wish was to design film and theatre costumes but during the period at fashion school I discovered my true vocation, illustration.

In 2008 I went to Design School ‘Arte 10’ where I started to study illustration. There I learn important things about illustration, creative processes and project creation. I got an extensive knowledge of natural drawing with nude models, design and colour fundaments, animation, traditional techniques and the creation of books.

In 2012 I did a finals project called ‘Six Illustrated Realities’ mixing photography, illustration and body art, for this I received an Honors Graduate. I participated in two collective exhibitions in galleries in Madrid. This year, in September, I inaugurated an individual exhibition in gallery ‘La Intrusa’, Madrid and I participated in a collective exhibition ARTEX in EPO, The Hague.

At present I live in The Hague working as a freelance illustrator for various companies, magazines, galleries and personal commissions. The Underground magazine in Den Haag, Institute Mythgard in USA, the Spanish newspaper El País and the Nucleus Gallery in L.A. among others.


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