Taking their name from the 1990 Spacemen 3 live album ‘Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music’ and the work of ‘Dream Music’ visionary La Monte Young, Porto outfit Dreamweapon are the perfect embodiment of the timeless minimal-is-maximal mantra and of psychedelia as a constantly-evolving pastiche. Comprised of four improvised drone compositions, on February 16th Dreamweapon will be releasing their sophomore LP ‘SOL’ on London imprint Fuzz Club Records. Following the release of first single Monte Da Virgem, the band are now sharing the album-opener ‘Mashinne’.

On ‘SOL’, whirrs of feedback and noise coalesce around droning, oscillating synths and subtle cascading guitars, the only thing keeping the sprawling soundscapes together being the incessant Krautrock rhythm provided by repetitive drum-machine percussion and a seemingly-endless motorik bassline that forces it’s way right to the back of your unconscious. ‘Mashinne’ is one of SOL’s lighter, more-hopeful moments, offering something new to discover on each and every listen – as the whirrs of feedback, kraut bassline and minimal programmed percussion suck you into a lucid state, out of nowhere comes shimmering jangling guitars that offer a slight glimmer of hope in an otherwise hypnotic, trance-inducing listen.


Talking of the creative approach behind ‘SOL’, Dreamweapon’s Andre Couto explains: “We approached this album in a completely different way to our previous material. Firstly, we decided to record it ourselves which we’ve never done before, this opened up a lot more freedom to experiment and secondly, it’s our most truly-spontaneous record yet. We recorded the tracks live in one take as we all improvised over minimalistic drum-machine loops – this a real departure from the ‘song-based music’ we’re used to making.”

Dreamweapon is comprised of 10,000 Russos bassist Andre Couto, João Campos Costa and Edgar Moreira. The project was formed in 2009 and the band have since gone on to release one EP, their debut S/T album and a handful of singles, all the while taking their utterly-immersive and unremitting live show around European shores.



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