Rosie Lee and LAB111 celebrate design in film with Design for Reel

To celebrate the 3rd birthday of their Amsterdam studio, international design agency Rosie Lee have teamed up with one of the city’s biggest independent cinemas, LAB111 , to launch Design for Reel, a film screening series that examines cinema from the perspective of industry-leading design creatives.

The series aims to highlight the importance of design and influence of design trends, both graphic and spatial, in building the worlds our favourite films take place in. After all, how different would 2001: A Space Odyssey be without its monolith (or, indeed, its revolutionary use of props and type ), or Enter the Void , the film we’ve chosen to open the project, be without its iconic Tom Kan title sequence ?

Each screening opens with a panel discussion featuring significant individuals from the field of design speaking on the chosen title’s aesthetics, with an opportunity for audience members to discuss together the film as well.

Speakers at the inaugural event include Rosie Lee’s Founder and Global Creative Director Mark Fleming. Rosie Lee Amsterdam’s Creative Director Alex Engzell said of Enter the Void: “Together we’ve chosen Enter the Void as the film to open the programme because not only is it accomplished in its use of design, but it’s visually and thematically fearless. The combination of Noé’s technical mastery and its emotive subject matter makes it genuinely one of the most impactful films I have ever seen.” LAB111’s programmer, Tom Ooms, says of the project “I’m very much looking forward to working together with Rosie Lee and putting together this special program of visually enticing and thought-provoking movies. It’s always great to partner up with people who share the same love for cinema and philosophy about the importance of aesthetics and design in film.”

Rosie Lee’s Territory General Manager Luca Liboa, added that “I’m really looking forward to working with LAB111 on Design for Reel. Our Amsterdam team love cinema and the city’s independent cinema scene, and this project gives them the chance to express themselves creatively outside of client projects. We’re so proud of the team we’ve built here and the work we’ve done in the city over the last three years, and we’re excited to see what our shared expertise brings to this too.” The first edition of Design for Reel, Enter the Void, takes place March 28th at LAB111, 1054 PD . Tickets are available from LAB111’s website and on Facebook

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