Crummy Gummy is anything but cute and cuddly.
He is both a photographer and street artist based out of Central Florida. He uses photography in his street art primarily as wheat paste. Additionally, humor is rampant throughout his works of art, making his signature gummy bear interact with his environment while creating a bold statement. In the end, Crummy Gummy’s goal is simply to make you say, “What the hell?” It’s clear to see that he does this rather well. His works can be found all throughout North and South America.

 Nicole Figuerola of

My personality is found in all of my artwork.  At times I can be a bit of a sarcastic dweeb. I love iconic things/experiences that I fell in love with as a kid growing up and I always enjoy a good laugh (even if I’m the only one laughing).  I have noticed that many people of all age groups can identify with gummy bears in some aspect of their youth. I have had many experiences at shows where a ten year old can find the humor in my work and 5 minutes later a 50 year old does too.  As you can see in my artwork I also like to use situations that people might have experienced sometime in their life and use the gummy bears as actors to imitate and poke fun at it. I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself and life; then your missing out on some funny shit.
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