Constantine Vraziotis was born in Greece in 1975. He studied fashion design and first gained recognition in the field of fashion illustration.

Constantine Vraziotis has created illustrations for some of the world’s leading fashion magazines and works with publishing houses in Australia and Tokyo. His works have been included in Taschen’s “Ιllustration Now”, Volume 2 – the edition that presents the world’s best graphic designers – as well as in Martin Dawber’s “Big Book of Contemporary Illustration”. He is rapidly becoming one of the most visibly emerging urban artists in Greece.

Constantine’s work revolves around the enigmatic “Coco” – his central heroine and muse. An elusive, erotic figure, drawn out of the surreal world of fashion, Coco has a sinister beauty, a macabre eroticism and a permanent pout. Like the artist himself, she retains close ties with the fashion world and, being a bit of a fashion icon herself, she struts around sporting Riccardo Tisci’s latest accessories for Givenchy. Constantine’s art combines traditional techniques with digital media and his references draw from various sources, most notably from fashion and Byzantine iconography (Byzantine painting and especially the Macedonian Iconography School classify as his main influences). His extremely recognizable artistic signature can most accurately be described as macabre pop and surrealistic. He recently released “Mademoiselle Coco” -a limited edition of hand finished prints- for the AP by artAZ print series, and is currently working on creating casual chic-wear for a clothing company in Athens as well as frantically preparing for his next shows. Constantine Vraziotis is internationally represented by artAZ.

Constantine Vraziotis

Constantine Vraziotis


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