Amsterdam based band CHEATERS and designer MRRK (Mark van Gennip) have been working together on creating ´Neon Dreams´ since late 2013. On the 10th of April they’ll present the result of their collaboration in Doka: MRRK will exhibit his work, and CHEATERS will release their EP.
Both artists approached this collaboration with a similar way of working: modern techniques were manually adjusted to give it an overall organic feel. This means that from a design point of view the modernistic straight lines and bright neon colours were all done by hand. Musically it means that all the synthesizers, vocals and drums were sent through reel-to-reel recorders, cassette decks and tape delays.

MRRK´s work is expressed on the cover of the EP and will come to life in the videoclip for ´Sundial´, which will be premiered in the week of the release. The exhibition will contain all the designs that were created since the collaboration started.
Listen to ‘Sundial’ here.

The recordings were mixed by Simon Akkermans (C-Mon & Kypski) and mastered by Pieter Kloos (Motorpshycho).
During the release HOOP DOOP MAGAZINE will be on scene to capture the whole thing on camera. The afterparty is hosted by Nachtkijker and will feature DJ Elias Mazian.

CHEATERS are Lenka Boyd (Kill ‘em Mister), Mathias Janmaat (Bombay Show Pig), Tobias Ponsioen (Houses) and Raúl Inzaurralde (Kleinindustrie).

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