Black Faces is a project by artist Grip Face in collaboration with Jordi Pallarès, curator specialized in urban art. SC Gallery brings to Bilbao an intervention project that has also taken place in Palma de Mallorca, Naples, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

This is not the first time that this artist and this curator work together or under SC Gallery ’s management. Defying the official iconography, Black Faces is a project that reviews the concept of popular portrait from Grip Face ’s personal perspective. This is a series of generous, expressive and introspective portraits in which the artist reflects on the social realities of the cities where he has done his interventions. As a welcoming piece, the wor k Crisis migratoria (Migrant crisis) addresses the issue of social malpractice, of the need to build walls again. In that sense, Black Flag will raise as the flag of those who have no voice and no face.

SC Gallery’s exhibition space will host original pieces in different formats and techniques , and also a series of portraits on paper that make up the most unsettling line of this project. The indoor part of the project will be complemented with a site-specific piece, as well as photo and video documentation of the different interventions. Black Faces will also include a part of public participation called M alas Caras (Mean mugs) and an intervention in Bilbao’s public space. A project run by SC Gallery + Art Management .






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