Andreas Bemo Lundgren´s first three months were the last of the 70´s and he grew up being part of the fourth generation at a farm in the north of Sweden. In 2001 he moved to Stockholm to pursue his skateboarding and artistic dreams where his career started working in web design and graphic form.

In 2008 he graduated from the graphic design class of Beckmans, but more than anything Bemo is an autodidact artist and his style clearly shows traces of D.I.Y. influence coming from the skateboard scene where he has been a public figure for many years, and still is. His imaginative and often suggestive work attempts to communicate through a universal essence and seeks to find its roots in the fundamental. Traveling the four corners of the world and working persistently in various media enables him to be a versatile artist who moves through many fields.

His art has been shown in many places such as Dieselverkstaden, Galleri Silfverberg, Slakthuset, Pony sugar art gallery, Deeví Stockholm,, Saasfee pavilion, Frankfurt, La Raven gallery, Amsterdam and Pop-up gallery, Berlin. Today he works freelance in art direction, graphic design and illustration in conjunction with his own art projects.


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