An appointment with Bas Kosters is a 360 degrees tour into creativity. His world is a unique combination of elements, a multidisciplinary heaven made of fashion, music, graphics, comics, illustrations, installation, sculptures. Besides all his activities and a busy schedule, he finds time to talk to everybody, including me, and tell a bit about his world, tailor made by hard work, focus and a main ingredient: LOVE!

Everything started by playing with dolls and drawing. As a kid Bas Kosters entertained himself with appearances and imaginary stories.

I met Bas Kosters few weeks ago, during the Saint Germain Gallery party for the presentation of a documentary and photo portfolio, homage to one of his latest works, his collection Love, Fuck Yeah!  When I saw him he was gently throwing heart shaped red papers on the ground. We sat outside in the fresh air, drinking white wine, smoking a cigarette, surrounded by the portraits Sabrina van den Heuvel took of him.

“A punk rough reportage that brings forth my life in photographs” he says about the photographer and her way of portraying people. As a teenager Kosters was really into music and musicians.

“They have a clear vision of their image, movements, aesthetics, graphics, how to present a person, a message, an attitude. I liked Nina Hagen, Army of Lovers…” says Kosters. “Music is a composition of notes, style, and image. Musicians are people not afraid to show themselves, to be the centre of attention.”




For a University degree he attended a Fashion Master Course in Arnhem. “I was more into illustrations, but for fashion I needed to have some guidance. That is why I chose it.”

He smokes a cigarette whilst gently tapping his orange painted nails on the wooden table. He is charming and smiling behind the piercing eyes. He’s one of the most interesting fashion designers in The Netherlands, talking enthusiastically about the fashion world, when asked.

“What I like about fashion is the collision, the interaction between art materials, illustration, painting, and textile. You can combine a lot of techniques and stickers, and colours, without boundaries, it is a work without borders, that you can do by hand,” he tells me while sipping the wine.




“In the pret-a-porter line for example, it is all about prints. This way I can communicate the vision of my story.”

Those productive years helped growing in his fertile imaginary and started realizing how relevant and vital is an interaction in between disciplines for a work. From there the constant duality fashion-performance, music-image, and make his multidisciplinary approach his signature. Inspiration comes also from comics. He likes spray and colour, and he smiles while looking at his boyfriend wearing one of his creations. He enjoys reading comics and collecting them. One of his favourites is Garfield, a  “naughty cat with a big mouth.”

“I like that” he says. “ The stories of my comics take inspiration from feelings, a vision of society. I like to draw monsters. They are ultimately happy in a freaky way. I like to use my website blog to show daily thoughts turned into small monsters, illustrations. Drafts from my mind. I started my rebirth with the blog. There I put all of myself, my frustration, thoughts, inspiration, down on a daily basis. I draw a lot, I use it as a sketchbook for daily inspiration.”

All his dreamy fiction fantastic characters are the protagonists of a b&w magazine edition, which is a collection piece. It is called Extra Kak, now at its 4th edition. About his new projects he says: “I am working on the next Museum Nacht, the New collection 2013”.

Talking about his past working experiences for brands such as Zeeman and the Bugaboo stroller limited edition, he mentions freedom. “I know how to use creativity in order not to fall into the dark side of the market. You can dose all the materials according to the customer and show your high fidelity to knowledge in communication of material.”

When asked about future hopes for new designers he replies

“There is a lot of appreciation towards small initiatives. Throw yourself out in the world. Be original, be yourself.”

He started working in fashion right after school and has tasted fully every moment of it ever since. He remembers only good experiences and the feelings of collaboration, as well as learning on how to work together.

“I think the world of fashion is more open minded than what people think.”

Music has started; people are getting together for the party of the night.

I ask Bas the last question.

What do you hope for yourself in the future?

“To be famous worldwide. “




Not for the glory itself, he explains, but more to know that he has been useful to the world. That he’s been an inspiration for future generations. Have a look at his inspiring website, pump up the speakers, enjoy your eyes and your heartbeats with:

Photography : Sabrina van den Heuvel • Styling: Bas Kosters Studio • Make-up : Trudi Nieuwerf


Words: Agnese Roda




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