Astrid Verhoef – Inscapes
12 January – 2 March 2019

Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam presents from 12 January until 2 March 2019 an exhibition of Astrid Verhoef. The Dutch fine art photographer exhibits with ‘Inscapes’ for the first time at the gallery. In the surreal black and white images nature plays a prominent role. The autonomous work has been photographed in Australia, Holland, Spain and the USA.

Growing up in the city has led Astrid Verhoef to investigate her connection to nature. In a world where the reliance on social technology is growing, the difference between being connected and feeling connected has become an important distinction. Is there a growing gap between our digital self-image and analogue identity? This poses an interesting challenge, not only in the depth of connection to other people, but possibly even more in our connection to the natural world and to oneself.

For the series ‘Inscapes’ Astrid Verhoef decided to travel to secluded landscapes around the world to seek connection in nature. When she photographs herself in these landscapes, a character seems to arise that wants to connect to her surroundings, but sometimes feels and looks out of place. She can be humble and anonymous and yet have an almost iconic appearance, regularly showing traces of modern society. A character that struggles with her background and explores her place in the natural world.

Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef (Amsterdam, 1973) studied photography at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. Since 1998 she works as an artist, curator and producer. Her staged photography received international acclaim and has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Leiden, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. The series ‘Inscapes’ is an ongoing project.

Gallery opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday: 1 – 6 PM.

Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 in Amsterdam

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