Annelise Sandberg is a young artist and entrepreneur living and working in the Saint Petersburg. She runs her own graphic design and fine arts studio, Ahni Atlas.

Annelise Sandberg is also the Creative Director of Remember You Are Dreaming, an artist collective, and media content creation studio. She studied Fine Art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and studied Graphic Design at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

These paintings are an exploration inward, to isolate and analyze one singular moment, in which melancholia is the most profound; The moment of uncertainty, the moment of catharsis and question.
There is an aspect to staring into someone else’s eyes with such intensity, that has the ability to destroy or heal a persons own sense of self.

Vision and a sense of knowledge can often times be obscured or just out of focus, and each painting has its own unique way in which the idea of vision is called into question.
These works are the documentation of a journey of gazing into the vastness of existence and the exact moment between two worlds, between the universe and the void, between sight and blindness.

Annelise Sandberg

Annelise Sandberg

Annelise Sandberg


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