I was born in 1981 in the south of Russia – beautiful region between Black Sea and amazing Caucasus. When I was just 2 my family moved to former Soviet Republic of Latvia, now known as independent Republic of Latvia. I grew up on the shores of cold Baltic sea in the land of pine woods and amber. After Soviet Union collapsed and Latvia became independent, I didn’t get a citizenship and till now I’m not belonging to any country and in my passport it is written „Stateless”.I was drawing as long as I remember myself. However, I have tried a lot of things to do before I realized, that art is the only thing I’m ready to dedicate myself to. I have three unfinished bachelors – economist, lawyer and navigating officer. Thanks to the last one I have been sailing for several years and have seen the most wonderful places on Earth – such an inspiring experience! Keeping drawing all that time, at one moment I realized that I don’t have enough time for this and then I decided to quit my job. It was quite a consistent decision. So since 3 years I am trying to make my living out of my art. My dream for now is to open my own studio.