Since 2013, Alex Chilltown has weaved multi-directional, fluctuating indie rock that’s caught audiences off guard with its cynicism, self-deprecating honesty and its constant stylistic evolution. With a new EP ‘Eaten Up By Nothing’ set for release February 24th through Witchgirl Recordings the band can be seen at their most sprawling, dense and layered.

The new direction reworks all the elements that audiences have grown to love from Alex Chilltown. Its fragile emotion meets raw noise via a swirling, otherworldly cacophony of melody – this is lethargic bedroom pop for the 21st century underwhelmed.

“It’s minimal, melancholy stuff that sounds gentle and noisy all at once” Stereogum

The new EP follows a debut, self-recorded album on bedroom label Havana Tapes and an incredibly well-received single released through highly-lauded indie label Art Is Hard (Joanna Gruesome/Gorgeous Bully/The Black Tambourines).

Alex Chilltown is the moniker of Josh Esaw and the four tracks on the EP see his fragile, delicate vocals underpinned by a melancholic wash of cosmic 80s-esque synths that reverberate effortlessly over sluggish drums and rolling bass-lines.

Alex Chilltown

Whilst Alex Chilltown have previous ebbed around the radar, ‘Eaten up By Nothing’ is the EP that will make everybody sit up and take notice. It’s the determined sound of a band who aren’t playing around anymore, who have found their direction and intend to fully embrace it.

“Imagine Spiritualized if J. Spaceman’s budget was slashed down to a handful of mics and an old 8-track and you’d be close: glorious fuzz, with a slight hint of soul” Clash


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