ALA BLANKA the first trousers’ label by Anbasja Blanken presented at the mbfwa, brought us to a tropical island surrounded by the sounds of nature, an image of eden with beautiful creatures wearing hand sewn highwaisted trousers for the elegant, romantic woman.

How did you start working in the fashion industry?
Actually its a quite a long and interesting story. But to keep it short, As a kid growing up I was mostly judged by the clothes I used to wear and somehow then I have always wanted to understand the power such a simple thing as ‘clothing’ had with people. But my interest in fashion itself really started during my second year studying fashion tailoring. I was given this great opportunity to do my internship at the Dutch label ‘Intoxica-jeans’ and it was there that I came to fall in love with the processes, the fabrics and also with of the idea of becoming a designer who creates wonderful garments as a way to communicate.

How would you define your brand ALA BLANKA?
The first ideas for ALA BLANKA started while I was creating my first prèt-à-porter collection, which was shown at AFW in January of this year. I suddenly felt the need to focus all my time, and all my love for patterns and craftsmanship, into designing and making just one specific garment that could become a woman’s favourite piece. But it’s also about becoming a specialist in the fashion industry. I believe that a product can be of much more value and strength if we take the time and care to embrace it.


What kind of women you were thinking about, while creating “PARADISAEA”?
PARADISAEA was created with the idea to elevate and empower every woman wearing it. But it also stands for those who want to expand their beauty through elegance.

Did you have a specific research process when you started working at this collection?
Yes! I started this collection by researching ideas for an appropriate name. ALA BLANKA comes from alablanca, the name of a common bird of Curaçao (where I was born and raised). It stands for the white wings which for me represent the symbol of freedom and purity. And so I combined this freedom with the early 20th century women who first started wearing pants, specifically referring to the freedom that wearing these pants had given them. And so I became inspired to create a paradise, in which I designed and created my new collection.




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