Greek garage-folk whizz-kids ACID BABY JESUS announce long-awaited new LP ‘Lilac Days’ Share hip-shaking first single ‘Me & Panormita’

It’s easy to guess Acid Baby Jesus’ shtick just going on their name but to those who aren’t already in the know: don’t be fooled into thinking these are just another quasi-religious, LSD-loving psych-rock band – there’s a reason these Greek garage-rockers having been championed so highly in the international scene, Acid Baby Jesus are less concerned with the spiritual and tripped-out realms that their name foreshadows than they are with pure hip-shaking, rock’n’roll hedonism.

Formed in Athens in 2009, the four-piece have since toured extensively across Europe, the US, Japan and Australia and got two brilliant LPs behind them – their debut ‘LP’ and demo collection ‘Selected Recordings’. After a long three-year wait they’re finally back with the new album ‘Lilac Days’ – their first on Fuzz Club Records, officially released September 29th. The album sees ABJ at their best; their frenetic garage-rock distilling a hazy, incense-scented mix of 60s Western psychedelic pop, traditional Mediterranean folk and the scuzzy rock’n’roll sounds of Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Stooges.


As the band announce details of the album, they’re now sharing the lead single ‘Me & Panormita’ – a racing, high-octane garage-punk workout that recalls the scrappy, fuzzed-out guitars and howling vocals of Black Lips, Ty Segall or (Thee) Oh Sees whilst retaining that same oddball psychedelic charm everyone’s grown to love. On the track, the band explain: “Me & Panormita’ was inspired by Italian poet Antonio Beccadelli’s (a.k.a Panormita) book Hermaphroditus. It’s an erotic song about throwing away taboos and succumbing to the temptations of the flesh in any way, shape or form. Wonderful whips and mainlining on a jetliner while wearing eyeliner. One person cut in the middle by the lighting bolt of Zeus. Horribly human, a condition to be in.”


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